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December 26, 2013:
Planning for 2014 tunneling, mining, and ground clean up operations.


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Always look for in-depth industry experience when contracting out a job. A good mining consultant may also work to identify discrepancies in your in-house engineering plans, which may not take unusual factors into account.

Hard Rock Mining Contractors and Consultants

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Hard-rock mining contractors and consultants may be the perfect fit for your next civil engineering project, test shaft, or ore body analysis. Highway tunnels and road improvements need digging and blasting analysis that takes factors like traffic and nearby structures into account. Environmental considerations like nearby streams and water tables must be factored into public and private projects. Before committing millions of dollars and expensive equipment to a claim, you will want to get all the facts about the equipment that must be used, timelines for projects, and the viability of activities in the presence of fluctuating metals and energy prices. Unlike soft-rock mining, hard rock work may extend to projects like underground pipeline construction, highway tunneling, and the clearance of boulders from roadways.

Alimak, shotcreting, and ground clearance work may be called for, or even subcontracted, based on the needs of the job or the nature of the local geology. The proper use of tunneling equipment and ventilation will also be huge considerations on any project. By hiring experienced hard-rock contractors you will eliminate many headaches that your in-house engineers may not have anticipated. Underground mining consultants will also work hand-in-hand with your staff to understand your goals and bring the project to completion in a timely manner.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: You can ask two mining engineers a question and get two different answers, but always consider the most thorough approach, which may be taking things like rock composition, faultlines, and water table factors into account.