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July 13, 2014:
Beartooth Mining announces new rock shelter capabilities for people looking to create underground space and/or prepare for the apocalypse.


Miners Are Rude:

A good miner has no place for courtesy or decorum. They deal with potentially fatal circumstances every day, handle dangerous items, and can cut holes through solid rock.

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Get shaft engineers, Alimak Raises and Highway Construction Specialties

Mining ContractorThere are quite a few experienced mining contractors in the United States and Canada. Most of the best people in mining have worked on multiple projects and have experience in tunneling, shaft development, ventialtion, blasting, shotcrete, highway and rail work, lining outflow tunnels, excavation, surveying, and driving declines. Most miners also have in-depth experience in open pit and underground mining, but a reliable mining contractor knows how to get the best work out of people and equipment to get big projects finished on time and under budget.

What kind of skills should you expect to see in a competent miner? In the underground and hard rock field, you should ask about Alimak stoping, ground tunneling, shotcreting, civil mine construction and tunneling, and of course blasting. A diversity of experience in different projects is far more useful than specialized knowledge in one field, because as the old saying goes, "if you only have a hammer every problem looks like a nail." By hiring a consultant with years of experience, you may be able to get recommendations on experienced crew members or engineers who have dealt with a specific type of issue in the past, and you can literally save millions of dollars by bringing out experienced veterans who don't need to use your project as a learning lab.

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Special note: Always ask a licensed professional for the best information.